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Travel Pillow - Wolrdiscounts
  • Scientifically proven
  • Half the size of U-Shaped travel pillow and weighs half a pound
  • Machine Washable
  • Scientifically proven
    to be super soft and hold your neck in a better position than a standard U-shaped travel pillow
  • Easy to carry
    and half the size of a U-shaped travel pillow
  • Machine washable
    so it's always fresh and ready to go
  • Preferred by 9 out of 10 people
    and rated 4.2 out of 5 by 4082 customers

How it works

The Science of Sleep

The secret of the Trtl Travel Pillow is our internal support system, hidden in our super soft fleece.

1. Strengthened Ribs provide scientifically proven head and neck support
2. Super Soft Fleece and foam is stretched to create a comforting hammock effect
3. Patented Design fits any neck shape, jaw and shoulder

All this combines to give you the most comfortable sleep possible on the move. Trtl Pillow is scientifically proven to hold the head and neck in a better ergonomic position than a traditional travel pillow.


Travel Pillow combines super soft, hypo-allergenic fleece with a hidden internal neck support system to hold your head and neck in the best position for sleeping – no need to lean against a window.

Get a blissful sleep on your next long haul flight without pain or discomfort. Scientifically proven to be better than a U-shaped neck pillow for travel, Trtl Pillow has been and strategically designed to prevent stiff necks and sore shoulders.

The best part? This travel accessory is lightweight and packs super small for travelling.

Grab it before you go, then wrap and nap whenever you get a moment. We guarantee your best sleep on the move, or your money back.

Planes, trains and automobiles just became more comfortable.

We custom fill your orders within 48 hours. Since we ship direct from the manufacturer it can take up to 7 to 14 days to arrive (international orders may take 21 days). But once you get your stuff you will know it was worth the wait.

Travel Pillow

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